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Programming with the D language (lecture)


The D programming language is a relatively new systems programming language that has been designed by Walter Bright. In 2010 Andrei Alexandrescu published a book describing the D 2.0 version of the language (there is also Version 1.0 which is no longer actively developed):

Andrei Alexandrescu. The D Programming Language. Addison-Wesley Professional 2010.

You can find the script at (only accessible within the university's network; use VPN or similar).


Mon, 24th Oct, 2011
Exercise No. 1
Wed, 2nd Nov, 2011
Exercise No. 2
Wed, 9th Nov, 2011 Exercise No. 3
Mon, 14th Nov, 2011 Exercise No. 4
Mon, 21st Nov, 2011 Exercise No. 5
Mon, 28th Nov, 2011 Exercise No. 6
Mon, 5th Dec, 2011 Exercise No. 7
Mon, 12th Dec, 2011 Exercise No. 8
Mon, 19th Dec, 2011
Exercise No. 9
Mon, 2nd Jan, 2012
Exercise No. 10
Mon, 9th Jan, 2012
Exercise No. 11
Mon, 16th Jan, 2012 Exercise No. 12
Mon, 23th Jan, 2012 Exercise No. 13