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Information Visualization (seminar)

This seminar will cover the basics of Information Visualization (InfoVis) which will then have to be implemented in student projects. It is intended as a block seminar. In the first few meetings, we will cover the basics of InfoVis, assign projects to participants and give a short introduction to Processing, a tool that may be used to implement the projects. For the rest of the semester, there will be weekly meetings to discuss project progress. Students will have to present their project work in the final meetings of the seminar.

Here are some interesting links that are relevant for the seminar and for analyzing the data set that we hand out at the beginning of the seminar.

The seminar is organized by Waqar Saleem and Joachim Giesen. The seminar requires you to:

The first meeting where we discuss how to organize the seminar will take place Wednesday 7. April at 12.15pm in August-Bebel Strasse 4, Seminarraum 16. See also CAJ.