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Frank Nussbaum

PhD Student

Lehrstuhl für Theoretische Informatik II
Fakultät für Mathematik und Informatik
Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2
D-07743 Jena

Office: 3335
Tel.: +49 3641 9 46328
Fax: +49 3641 9 46322
E-mail: frank dot nussbaum at uni-jena dot de

Research Interests

I am interested in statistical models that summarize data. Good statistical models are important tools for decision making, casting predictions and inferring reason. My goal is to obtain a deeper understanding of currently available statistical methods and then to extend them. I intend to create quality models that are generically applicable and easy to use. My research interests include in particular:

  • statistical models using convex optimization techniques (e.g. likelihood and maximum entropy duality)
  • latent variable graphical models
  • modelling multivariate distributions
  • causality